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Imagine each layer of your bed working in concert with the next to give you your ultimate night of sleep. A collection born of the exacting standards that only four decades of linens experience can bring. Now add knowledgeable, personalized service that encourages you to experience each and every product before you ever make a purchase. That is Somnvie.

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Truly restorative sleep requires a deeper understanding of what the perfect night’s sleep entails. At Somnvie, that knowledge comes from a family steeped in over 40 years of fine bed linens expertise. Our experts have curated a collection of singular products of exceptional quality, all designed for one thing. The luxury of a great night’s sleep.

The Somnvie

We begin with the finest quality thread and build from there. Every element works together, from the loft of the pillow to the weave of the sheets, and everything in between, the Somnvie Ensomnble system helps create a uniquely personalized sleep environment. Layer upon layer—Comfort, Touch, Support, Warmth, and Protect—together we design your perfect sleep environment.
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The Somnvie sleep you’re dreaming about is available exclusively through an independent Somnvie Brand Associate. What’s more, every Somnvie purchase comes with an unmatched level of expertise and service. We invite you to connect to fulfill the Somnvie Ensomnble of your dreams.

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Somnvie is growing. Many of our Brand Associates didn’t start as experts, but they did start as Somnvie enthusiasts. Interested? Share your information and we’ll reach out very soon!

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